Pause and resume printers

Enable standard users to resume paused printers without the need for an administrator   sudo dseditgroup -o edit -t group -a everyone _lpoperator

Configure Kerio Control with OVH on Proxmox

I spent a number of hours trying to get Kerio Control working as our firewall on our Proxmox OVH server. This guide will run you through the process. Please not I’m far from a networking expert it’s probably one of my weeks areas so there may be better ways to achieve this and i’ll leave […]

Automount NFS share as a system drive OS X

With the lack of Apple server hardware I’ve started moving clients onto Synology box’s. They are simple to use (knock on wood) never go wrong, yes the odd hard drive failure, but thats inevitable. The only issue I have run into is a lot of people I do work for run on premise Kerio Connect […]